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At AUTOGLASS HD, we are car enthusiasts first and foremost. We love clean cars and we have found that many people don’t have a clue as to how they should remove tar off of the body without damaging paint or what should be used to clean the interior of the car. This is when we realised we needed to do something.

We love cars, from sporty convertibles to family sedans. The services we offer ensure everyone is able to fall in love with their car all over again because of the like new appearance it can be given.

Give us a chance to show you what we are capable of!

Best Products and Service

There is no reason not to fall in love with your car. At AUTOGLASS HD, we can provide you with the gorgeous detailing of your auto. We are highly trained and focus on every aspect of an auto, ranging from the tyres to the body to the interior. We are time oriented and can provide a fast turnaround so you don’t have to wait around forever.

More importantly, our array of detailing packages allow you to choose the one that works best for your budget. We are competitively priced, allowing everyone the opportunity to have professionals to take care of the car detailing.

Quality comes first. Always.

We wouldn’t be who we are without placing a major emphasis on quality. We take pride in what we do, and it is why we are able to grow our business through customer referrals. Our team loves what they do and it shows in the work that we produce.

We focus on quality throughout the products we purchase as well as through the services we offer. Every one of our detailers are trained to our standards and this ensures we deliver high quality ever time. Our commitment to excellence can be seen in each service we provide as well as the testimonials from customers.